The Gan Of Cheviot Hills Wish List

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We are most excited to announce that The Gan of Cheviot Hills/Shabbat Kids has begun a new era in our growth and development! You can enrich our outdoor nature environment, and enhance it for the children. The children need social engagement opportunities in these turbulent times and our outdoor environment  at Chabad of Cheviot Hills is the perfect space! This is an exceptional opportunity to participate as we embark upon an ambitious wish list of favorite items the kids will enjoy!

We would love you to join us in this endeavor and become a partner with us in making this a reality. As you click on the "VIEW WISH LIST"  link below, it will guide youto our Amazon wish list! Please make it happen! You will put beautiful smiles on many children's faces! 

G‑d bless you! 


Rabbi Aron & Esty Begun & the kids that hang out at Chabad!